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Street art and tagging by Aidan Codd

Street art and tagging by Aidan Codd

Is street art, post graphs, urban art call it what you like it is raw expression it is all about leaving your mark. A trace of expression, to taunt or humour the public as well as a liberal F*** you to the powers that deem our work vandalism.  It's not that it's can't be viewed as vandalism, but in my mind, every sticker, every tag seen on the street has parted merit; be it sprayed folic or a marker drip on a letter or even the illustration style of a particular sticker,. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and there is an aesthetic value and eight passing scene in each piece of work that’s up … If the work was taken out of the urban contents, placed on a campus, given a hefty pricetag and hung up in a gallery, it's likely those same people that you eat as vandalism would see it as art.
‘The art of rebellion world of streetcar by Vinnie Ray, 2003: 6

Taking was invented in the mid-1960s the type of graffiti that took place before 1965, Amy is visible in the Fillmore West side story is, had largely been gang related and has its own history and tradition. Aside from its particular appearance of marking territory, it is separate from graffiti writing.after around 1970, we can clearly start to identify people doing graffiti writing as opposite to gang graffiti. Some of the most famous of these introductionsTaki I83,Eva,62 Barbra 62 and Tracy i68 (the numbers at the end of the name originally came from the writer's address and developed into a stylistic accessory. Tak lived on I83rd Street in Washington Heights, for example). The illusion of graffiti writing from the invention of tanking up to the point where it emerged as a fully formed movement happened extremely quickly: over a period of five years. In cultural teams, this was a unique phenomenon. It is important cannot be over estimated. The phenomenon of dispossessed young people in New York City in the 1970s and early 1980s challenging the frustration and boredom into making visual art not-music, not-sport, but art is unappreciated. The art form they invented helped them to start to view the world in teams of all the visual languages that were available to them as sources to quote from and remix. We see this in peace after piece that happily steals form elements of pop culture. All of this activity happened completely spontaneously, with no internal financial banking or incentive , and the first group of graffiti writers had a little or non-art school training or knowledge. This was remarkable achievement and it could be argued, the most cold for significant arts movement of the second half of the 20th century. No movements into Cubism or surrealism has developed such a distinct new language. Apart, for example used imagery that was already in existence with little mention. Miners and Cpl artwork in the strict reaction to what has came before, high because the artist were mainly art school trained and involved in the narrow art historical discourse. The artist who find the graffiti writing in the 1970s and 80s were in the main completely free of art history and its limits said concerns. Instead, they were using typography, comic books and mainstream pop culture as sources for their work…. Factor graffiti writing was closely linked to music added to its appeal. Graffiti writing from the 1980s was undoubtably a major factor in the iconography, graphic of hip-hop.
 Street art the graffiti revolution  Cedar Lewisohn 31
New York style graffiti writing this bread from America to Europe, and there are an a vital factor in the history of the movement, many of our work formed this same period, which were so often shown and recorded in neutral settings, the feline is a visual language that incorporates the world around it. The view of these documents can get a real sense of an urban landscape in which it exists. The spread of graffiti writing around the world fought media such as film and print is a perfect reflection of an art form that moved at the speed of MTV and pop culture rather than with the slowness of art history. Other art movements of the 20th century are more likely to be to dismantled through the standard machines of the art world, such as art magazines and exhibitions. Graffiti writing is the 1980s was an art form made by teenagers and has entered into worldwide considers us through the language of teams and the youth culture.
Street art the graffiti revolution  Cedar Lewisohn 39

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