Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Project

I am not sure if you have had the briefing yet Aiden and Connor but we were given the next project - and we only have three weeks until the next presentation!!!!!  This time we can choose our subject and it has to be a creative practitioner (ie a person who is somehow creative artist/architect/musician/film maker/playwright).  Same format as before, trace their influences backwards and forwards in time, ten minute presentation on the 31st March.
We have had very positive feedback for our first attempt and I am sure if we pull together as a group and attend all of our meetings - yes that is aimed at you Stuart and Connor - we can do fabulous things this time round.  Thursdays and Mondays seemed to be the best time for us to meet so why don't we meet up on Monday next week to discuss who we are going to do - does 1pm in the library suit everyone?  In the meantime we could all post a list on this blog of potential candidates we would be interested in doing (and why) ready for monday. 

In the words of Geoffrey Chaucer "Time and tide wait for no man!!!"

See you Monday x

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