Thursday, 17 March 2011

@ the group By Aidan Codd (1

The group meeting today Thursday 17 March Fiona, Vicky and me Aidan disgust and voted on having Banksy Street Art as our topic of discussion. We then decided to look at what we could discuss within that topic, and we decided to look into Dada, pop art , punk, hip-hop, tagging and street art.
Our next meeting will be Monday 21st of March in the library at 10 if you can't make it please post to let us know.


  1. Aiden - I'm sorry to muck you around but I will not be able to make 10 as most of the other group I am in for set design can't do any other time but 10 for a meeting. I can do 11 or 1 on Monday so its really what might suit you. Sorry x

  2. Thats fine i can do 11 if thats ok for everyone else ?

  3. vicky just text me, she cant do 11 so its been changed to 11.30 same place just new time! if thats ok with everyone ?

  4. Ok by me 11.30 in the library it is!!! See you there.