Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The finished power point by Aidan Codd

The Apollo Beldevere FINAL VERSION - Template


  1. :). do you want a copy of what i have written to say?

  2. Okay - so you got gonged off; the truth is, had you gone on longer than 10 minutes, I don't think your audience would have minded, as your presentation - both in terms of design and enunciation - was noticeably 'together' and engaging. It's a shame that the gong robbed you of the very topic, the context for which you'd built so effectively - eugenics, via cultural ideas of perfection and improvement. In Stuart and Fiona, the group played to its strengths - both of whom had a warm, nicely colloquial delivery: particularly effective were the references made to the content of other groups' presentations in support of your own. The linking from topic to topic was good, and in design terms (though the formating had moved slightly on the first slide), the presentation was coherent and consistent. I enjoyed it!