Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Final power point by Aidan Codd

The Apollo Beldevere FINAL VERSION

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  1. Notes on the powerpoint

    • The colour is great for the background.
    • Slide two has no heading – Introduction
    • You have not included Albrecht Durer who was key in spreading the ideas of the renaissance to Europe and wrote the first theory of form/proportion relating to personality. My original powerpoint has a slide that can be copied and pasted.

    • Wincklemann leads up to Neoclassisism not after it!

    • We have nothing on Kant and this is important as he was one of the first to try and classify the human race and this supposed scientific thinking provided a springboard for scientific racism. My original power point has an entire slide on Kant and Connor posted a good picture that we could use.

    • Slide nine on Josiah Cark Nott needs a further explanation of polygenist theory and should read:

    Polygenist theory (the belief that humans come from different genetic ancestors) enabled different races to be classified as animals and therefore without rights.

    Can this slide also have a last bullet point to say:
    The alternative to Polygenist theory was monogenism ( the belief that humans had a common ancestry) and this was proposed by Darwin in his Origin of Species.

    • Bibliography (slide 13) type needs to be larger to fit the rest of the presentation and the text needs to be aligned.
    • Illustrations (slide 14) the title is spelt incorrectly and the text is not in alignment – this makes it very hard to read.

    Thats all I can see, everything else is fab and groovy!!!