Wednesday, 16 March 2011

@ the group By Aidan Codd new task !

The group meeting that was on Monday 7 March we decided to discuss the new project and who we should choose to talk about. We decided that out of the people  that we chose we had too big a choice to decide from, so we thought we  would break it down to one group member to research two people and by Thursday we will look at what information we have gathered and vote who we pick. The options went down to:
 Fiona: Dunchamp , Banksy
Vicky: James Cameron , Heston cerneron
Connor: final fantasy, Lady Gaga
Stuart: Ridley scott , Quentin tarantino
And me Aidan : George Lucas, Tim Burton.
The next meeting is Thursday 17th of March in the library at 10am any problems let us know by leaving a post.

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