Sunday, 27 March 2011

Meeting on Monday

Aiden, I have managed to double book myself and Vicky once more on Monday morning!!!! We have a large group meeting at 10 with the set design group that is vital for final design approvals.  Can we meet up later on Monday or I could do Wednesday afternoon from 1pm for the final two slides and a reading run through.

Kick me!!!!!



  1. I'm pretty sure I have my set group meeting at 1pm but I'll have to double check, I will be in anyway so no matter. I've dug up some good stuff on Banksy that I feel we really need in the presentation, got some good quotes and philosophies that we should just have a run over just in case we missed something really good.
    I know we're in the fine combing stages but still if we're meeting anyway we might as well enhance what we've got as well right? :D
    Also: We need a solid of method of timekeeping for the day as well, I was thinking a couple of stopwatches and we could get some printed flash cards as well? We'll discuss it all later.

  2. Today at 1 is ok with me, i am only thinking it would be grate for us just to finish it today and we could use wednesday as a test run ? but if you can not make it today don't worry we still have wednesday.