Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Punk Culture

In the U.K 1977 british punk culture saw bands such as 'The Damned' and 'The Sex Pistols'. kick, scream and rage against authority, the media and sugar coated pop hits.

Punk culture help turn the underground movement into a global phenomenon.

Teenagers world wide strongly responed by showing their punk colours in day-glo hairstyles, spikes and mohawks. safety pins were strategically implanted in cheeks, lips and eyebrows.

by the 80's, designers began to dress their models in punk attir, and sent them strutting down international runways. killing off the fashion movements claim to being anti-establishment. eventually evolving into glitter and glam rock, the movement began losing its hard core edge.

1977-1978 punk was regarded to have peaked, but the post punk movement remains alive and kicking today, known as alternative, those who still regard any band in the top 40 as establishment 'sellouts'.

marked by opposition or hostility to conventional social, political or economic values or principles.

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