Thursday, 24 February 2011

@ the group By Aidan Codd

Just to recap what was said today at 10 in the library, we all agreed to have most of the information posted the latest Sunday the 27th. We also agreed on the information that needs to go onto the PowerPoint should be in a separate post aimed for when we have to to create PowerPoint which should start this weekend if everything works out.
The next group meeting is Monday 28th 10 AM in the library if we can all attend with information, or an idea of how the PowerPoint can be laid out, and a idea of what we are going to say for the presentation that would be great. If you cannot attend please let us know. 

PS: Remember Harvard method on quotes and images. 

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  1. Some good ideas on this blog. Well done for the organisational aspect, as indicated by this post - essential in getting things co-ordinated.